Saturday, 25 February 2012

Badly-Formed Haiku... A Blog for the Short Attention Spanners

For all those folks whose minds have been eroded by facebook and text-speak, here's some simple blogging in the style of poorly-formed-haiku... (incorrect syllable countage/no references to nature)...

Putting on my gho
tightly pulling belt until I suffer
holding seams with pinches

Singing with my work-mates
Laughing like a goon
we scream when we find the chorus.

Dripping tap. Grrr...       (This is my favourite)

Speaking very slowly
caaaannnn yyyoooouuuu uuunnndeerstaaand meeeeee
time itself goes slow

Pictures on my wall
I love to see colours

And in the absence of any references to nature, here is a cow! 

Ps - I survived the 600km roadtrip. Details to come...

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