Tuesday, 4 December 2012


The Song

Ok. Brace yourself. This is the school anthem for Pakshikha MSS. Borne out of a twanging fit of silliness on a Friday afternoon when the verse just went pooooomph, fell from the ether and landed on the guitar. Collaboration brought the rest out. It's a shame I didn't get a chance to record all the kids singing on the chorus. So here it is... played by yours truly for the school. And most of the village too :-)

The Lyrics

There's a place high up on a hill
Everybody's happy there and minds are being filled with potential
and new ideas
and a feeling that will carry through the years

Pakshikha MSS

There's a place everybody knows
Every time you visit there this feeling grows and grows
one of warmth and blooming
the 'perfect model's there for successful schooling' *

Pakshikha MSS

Everybody goes there just thinking they'll be schooled
but four years later on if they've done the best they can
they'll find to their surprise they've more than just moved on

Pakshikha MSS

* this is the school's 'official' abbreviation - pmss - perfect model for successful schooling


Bill Jones said...

Looks and sounds like a place you will miss.

Scribblingdavey said...

indeed it will be Bill, but such is life eh? The better it is, the more you're gonna miss it ;-)

Scribblingdavey said...

I'll have to make the next chapter better than this one !!!